The Doomfire Secret

Celestial Mechanism Cycle


Author: Annaliese Avery


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The second in a brand-new, richly-immersive, magical fantasy trilogy from author Annaliese Avery, perfect for fans of Philip Pullman, Cornelia Funke, and Diana Wynn Jones.

A new fate awaits, despite the danger

Paisley Fitzwilliam is not supposed to be alive. Her stars told her she was going to die, and she did—stabbed by the Dark Dragon. Against all logic, she has come back through the Veil and now has to deal with the wreck that was left behind. Her mother is dead and her brother, Dax, has been taken by the fierce and mysterious dragon riders, the Krigare. To make matters more complicated, Paisley receives a message that the Chief Designer wants to gift her a second set of stars. A new track to follow in life. A fresh start after her rebirth—something the Chief Designer has never offered before. But the stars have brought Paisley nothing but pain, and she no longer wants anything to do with them. She just wants to rescue her brother and stay safe from the Dark Dragon.

And so Paisley begins the journey to the icy Northern Realms accompanied by her trusted friends. Her plan is to bring their new Dragon Guard companion, Hal Northman, home to the north and pray that the Krigare will give her Dax in exchange for him. She only hopes that they make it before Dax is further imperiled. Paisley must trust her instincts to forge her own path if she is going to survive the dangers ahead.