The Big Book of Useless Knowledge: 250 of the Coolest, Weirdest, and Most Unbelievable Facts You Won’t Be Taught in School


Author: Neon Squid

An encyclopedia of mind-bogglingly random facts that will lodge in your brain and refuse to leave.

Heard about the lizard that shoots blood from its eyes? Or the ancient Romans who used pee as mouthwash? Did you know that going on a roller coaster can cure kidney stones?

In this compendium of obscure facts readers will be treated to baffling knowledge they would never learn at school. Broken into chapters that include geography, space, and history, a team of experts has scoured the margins to find the silliest and most pointless facts that the world has to offer.

Kids will meet the prehistoric camel with no humps, the tortoises that went to the moon, and dancing cave people. And they will meet a court jester called Roland the Farter. Can you guess what his special skill was?