Captain Pug


Author: Laura James

Illustrator: Églantine Ceulemans

Fans of Sophie Mouse and Bad Kitty will love Captain Pug as he faces his biggest fears to find his best friend in this new series.


Meet Pug. He lives with his best friend, Lady Miranda. Today Pug and Lady Miranda are going on a sea-faring adventure! The bad news is, Pug is afraid of water. To escape getting splashed, Pug takes a well-timed snack break.

But when Pug follows his nose into an empty picnic basket, it gets picked up by an unsuspecting stranger, taking Pug further and further away from Lady Miranda. Soon he’s lost. If Pug has any hope of finding his way home, he will have to cross wobbly bridges, brave sinking ships, and face his greatest fear.

Will Pug be able to find the Captain within and steer himself back to Lady Miranda?
This delightful story of friendship is perfect for fans of Diva and Flea.