The Magician's Elephant


When ten-year-old orphan, Peter Augustus Duchene, discovers the fortuneteller in the market square, he can't resist. He has to find out if she can answer the question that haunts him: is his little sister alive? And if so, how can he find her? The fortuneteller confirms his greatest hope — his sister lives! But when he asks how he can find her, the enigmatic answer — "you must follow the elephant" — seems nonsensical. There has never been an elephant in the city of Baltese. How can he follow one? When an elephant magically crashes through the ceiling of the opera house, Peter begins to believe, and finds himself on an adventure that will change his life forever. An enchanting, lyrical tale from this best-selling Newbery Medalist.

Your young readers will cheer for Peter as he goes from doubting to amazement, seeing his greatest wish come true and discovering that believing is the first step to making the impossible happen