Lucille Ball Had No Eyebrows? ( Hardcover)

Wait! What?


Author: Dan Gutman


Illustrator: Allison Steinfeld

From the best-selling author of My Weird School: a new entry in the cheerful and engaging biography series centered on high-interest historic figures.

Did you know that Lucille Ball could pick up radio signals through her teeth? Or that her career was almost destroyed because she was a registered Communist? Bet you didn’t know that, as a studio executive, she green-lit both Star Trek and Mission: Impossible! Siblings Paige and Turner have collected some of the most unusual and surprising facts about the beloved actress, from her impoverished childhood and her first forays into the film industry to her marriage with Desi Arnaz and her rise to become both the most prominent actress in television and one of its most successful executives.

Narrated by the two spirited siblings and animated by Allison Steinfeld’s upbeat illustrations, Wait! What? Lucille Ball Had No Eyebrows? is an authoritative, accessible, and one-of-a-kind biography infused with Dan Gutman’s signature zany sense of humor.



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