YA Suspense & Mystery!

YA Suspense & Mystery!

Monday, August 29th, at 6:00PM EST

Thrills and Chills in YA Suspense Stories!

Some horror and true crime buffs find themselves deep in the wells of dark investigations. Too deep. Way deep. Zero chance of survival deep.

If only curious book heroes would ever learn... but then we wouldn't have these exciting YAs to feature, now would we?

Teen readers and friends, do join us for this harrowing YA suspense-fest. We are so excited to host the mysterious moxie of JENNY MOKEGOLDY MOLDAVSKYKATIE HENRY, and KELLY deVOS, who will read from their work and tease eerie twists!


  • Rise of the Snake Goddess by JENNY MOKE. Samantha Knox is back for another adventure in this 1920s female-driven mystery-adventure series! What could possibly go wrong when she unearths an ancient Snake Goddess’ golden girdle in the depths of a cave shrine that has been buried for decades? Incidentally, a whole lot of fire, labyrinths, and minotaurs!   
  • Lord of the Fly Fest  by GOLDY MOLDAVSKY. Rafi Francisco needs something really special to put her true crime podcast on the map. She ends up joining a crew of fellow wanabee influencers on the shores of a mysterious Caribbean island, Fly Fest — but instead of fighting for interviews, she has to fight for her life!

  • Go Hunt Me by KELLY deVOS. Alex Rush and her friends are determined to make an epic short film that reimagines the story of Dracula: filmed on location at a remote castle in Romania. It's all fun and games and horror-film magic until one of Alex's friends goes missing, and a shadowy figure starts to appear in the corners of her vision... 
  • Gideon Green in Black and White by KATIE HENRYGideon’s run as a locally famous boy detective ended when middle school started and everyone else — including his best friend, Lily — moved on. Now he’s sixteen and officially retired. That is, until Lily shows up suddenly at Gideon’s door, just like in all his favorite detective films, with a dark investigation that needs Gideon's expertise.

Monday, August 29th, at 6:00PM EST via Crowdcast!

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