Sunday, August 28th at 3:00PM EST

Discover Worlds of Mystical Beings!

These fantastic middle grade stories are perfect reads for the end of summer!

From adventures with winged heroes and gargols, to magical tailor-mice of legend, eerie ghouls, and haunted houses that wait for too-curious kids, these stories are sure to keep your young readers spellbound, chapter after thrilling chapter!

Get set for marvels and misadventures, as we put a spotlight on:

  • Phoenix Flight (Skyborn #3) by JESSICA KHOURY! History doesn't tell where the gargols came from, or why they harm winged heroes. But now Ellie Meadows, an aspiring winged knight turned fugitive, knows why. 
  • This Appearing House by ALLY MALIENEKO! Jac is counting down to the five-year anniversary of her cancer diagnosis, when she hopes to be declared NED, or "no evidence of disease." But as bad luck and tough symptoms begin following her everywhere, Jac wonders if it's really her illness or the dark powers of a strange house in the neighborhood.
  • Camp Scare by DELILAH S. DAWSON! Parker Nelson can't wait for summer camp. Yet when her bully unexpectedly reappears, her new best friend at camp, Jenny, is the only one who understands. Parker wonders if she can handle it all — especially as the camp's deep, dark secret refuses to stay safely buried.

  • Delphine and the Dark Thread by ALYSSA MOONFresh off the heels of King Midnight's rat-army invasion at the Winterberry Ball, Delphine the mouse escapes with her friends into the far reaches of her world. With a magical needle in-hand — and all the tailor-mice legends it bears — can she save her kingdom from King Midnight's wrath? 

  • Unmasked by LORIEN LAWRENCE! Creating monsters has become a sort of therapy for Marion Jones. When she sculpts and paints, her fingers don’t tingle, the heaviness lifts from her chest, and she can actually breathe. Yet when Halloween arrives with a Super Blood Moon, Marion's imagination starts to have a life of its own... !

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