YA Pride

YA Pride

June 20th at 6PM EST
17th Street Location

Join Us for these Superb Pride Titles! 

There's a tale of long lost twins separated at birth and — now that they're reunited — taking on high school! There's a brave girl following her passion of wrestling amidst the tension at home, and the conflict in her heart. There's a pair of brothers with an unshakable bond. There are twins torn apart by their father's sudden death — and you won't want to miss any of these books!

Join us to meet: 

  • A Tale of Two Princes by ERIC GERON.  Edward is the Crown Prince of Canada, and leads a pretty charmed life. But he has just one tiny problem: he’s unsure how to tell his parents, his beloved country, and his adoring fans that he’s gay. Billy should be happy with the simple life. And yet this out-and-proud cowboy feels destined for something more... When the boys meet by chance in New York City, they discover that they are long-lost twins, and their lives are forever changed. Together, will these twin princes —“twinces”— be able to take on high school, coming out, and coronations? Or will this royal reunion quickly become a royal train wreck?

  • Alondra by GINA FEMIA. After watching the same group of teens wrestling on the playground from her Coney Island apartment every day this summer, Alonda finally summons the courage to walk up to the group and, when she shares her impressive grasp of wrestling history, join their ragtag team as they work toward wrestling fame. All the while, Alonda struggles with increasing tension at home, and with conflicting feelings for King, the handsome leader of the group, and Lexi, the girl with the beautiful smile.

  • Pedro & Daniel by FEDERICO EREBIA. Pedro and Daniel are Mexican-American brothers growing up in 1970s Ohio. Their mom doesn’t like that Pedro is a spitting image of their darker-skinned father, that Daniel plays with dolls, that neither of the boys love sports like the other kids in their neighborhood. Life at home can be rough – but the boys have an unshakable bond that will last their entire lives.Together the brothers manage an abusive home life, school, coming out, first loves, first jobs, and the AIDS epidemic, in a coming-of-age story unlike any other.

  • No Perfect Places by STEVE SALVATORE. When their father was imprisoned for embezzlement, twins Alex and Olly Brucke lost everything except their strong bond with each other. But after their dad dies unexpectedly, the twins start to fracture. Alex is spiraling, skipping classes to get drunk or high. Olly is struggling with a secret his dad ordered him to keep: they have a secret half-brother, Tyler.

Tuesday, June 20th at 6PM EST at Our 17th St Store!

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