Launch Event for Dad and Daddy's Big Big Family by Seamus Kirst

Launch Event for Dad and Daddy's Big Big Family by Seamus Kirst

June 9th at 6PM
17th Street Location

Join Books of Wonder for This Joyful Picture Book Launch, and Share in the Family Fun!

Follow along to meet Dad and Daddy's Big Big Family by SEAMUS KIRST, a bright new picture book that follows a sweet little girl named Harper as she learns how all these families are unique... and still part of her big big family!

Harper is going to her first family reunion! She meets so many people. There's her second cousin Noah. And her cousin Lisa, who lives with her husband and stepkids. The there's Great Aunt Trudy who is raising her grandkids. And so many more! Dad and Daddy tell her they're all part of the same family, but they're all so different! And do families need to live together? Will she and Noah have to share a room?

Friday, June 9th at 6PM at Our 17th St Store!

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