YA Historical Fiction

YA Historical Fiction

June 20th at 6PM ET

 Buckle In for These Hard-Hitting Novels!

Travel back in time with these terrifically fictitious historical YA reads!

Tune in to discover:

  • Trajectory by CAMBRIA GORDON. Amidst World War II, Eleanor is consumed with worry for her Jewish relatives in Europe. When she's discovered to be a one-in-a-generation math whiz, Eleanor is recruited by the US Army and entrusted with the ultimate challenge: to fine-tune a top-secret weapon that will help America defeat its enemies in WWII. Could this be her chance to help save her family in Poland?

  • Just a Hat by S. KHUBIAR. Joseph, a second gen Jewish Iranian immigrant, struggles to fit in in his small 1979 Texas town, until he befriends a set of Latino twins. But when the Iran hostage crisis, two neighborhood bullies, and the local reverend’s beautiful daughter put him in all sorts of danger, Joseph must find new ways to cope. Can he find the courage to confront his fears?

  • The Brightwood Code by MONICA HESSESeven months ago, Edda was a switchboard operator employed by the US Army on the front lines of WWI. But one day, in fateful seconds, everything went wrong. Now, Edda is back in Washington, DC, working as an American Bell Telephone operator, when she receives a panicked phone call from someone who utters the fateful code word “Brightwood.” Edda must now race to uncover what secrets may have followed her across the ocean.

Thursday, June 20th at 6PM ET via Crowdcast!

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