YA Graphic Pride

YA Graphic Pride

June 18th at 6PM ET

Celebrate Pride Month With These Great YA Graphic Novels!

Big life changes, surprising romances, and baseball are just a few of the elements you'll find in these terrific graphic novels!

Tune in for:

  • Out of Left Field by JONAH NEWMAN. Ninth-grader Jonah is not a jock. On the contrary, he loves history class and nerdy movies, and his athletic ineptitude verges on tragic. So, what’s he doing signing up for the baseball team? Could it have something to do with the cute shortstop, Elliot?

  • Escape From St. Hell by LEWIS HANCOXFor Lew, figuring out he was a guy and wanted to live life as a guy was the end of our journey... and the start of a whole other journey. For these things to happen, changes need to be made  not just to his own body and perspective, but to the perspectives of the family, friends, and enemies around him.

  • Tristan & Lancelot: A Tale of Two Knights by JAMES PERSICHETTIIn this queer reimagining of the famous Arthurian legend, Knights of the Round Table Lancelot and Tristan set out on a quest to find the missing magician Merlin, but instead discover an unexpected romance...

  • The Deep Dark by MOLLY KNOX OSTERTAG. Mags Herrera is about to graduate high school, but already feels like an adult with serious responsibilities. And then there’s her dangerous secret, one that could kill if it ever got out like it did once before. But when her childhood best friend returns to town with a dark secret of her own, Mags will have to choose between risking everything... or having nothing left to lose.

  • Cross My Heart and Never Lie by NORA DÅSNES. Tuva is starting seventh grade, and despite her checklist of fun plans and goals with her best friends, nothing is how she hoped it would be. Seventh grade has split her friends into rival factions: the girls who fall in love and the girls who NEVER fall in love. Worst of all, they expect Tuva to choose a side!

Tuesday, June 18th at 6PM ET via Crowdcast!

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