The Wonderful Books of Oz

The Wonderful Books of Oz

November 11th at 4PM EST
17th Street Location

We're Off to See the Wizard!

Join budding Oz historians Tori Calamito of The Oz Vlog, co-hosts Tara Tagliaferro and Em Kay Shrader of Down the Yellow Brick Pod, and Brady Schwind of The Lost Art of Oz Project celebrating the timelessness of Oz literature with live music, a panel discussion, and an interactive reading of THE WIZARD OF OZ for all children at heart! 

Meet the Panel!

  • Down the Yellow Brick Pod is an earbud invitation over the rainbow and down a yellow brick rabbit hole as co-hosts Tara Tagliaferro and Em Kay Shrader preserve and peel back the curtain on the wonderful world of Oz from the turn of the 20th century to today.  Past seasons include the original L. Frank Baum books, the MGM classic, Broadway super soul smash THE WIZ, Disney's dark fantasy film RETURN TO OZ, and WICKED from the page to the Broadway stage.  The gals also conduct interviews via their Slipperhood and Good Witch of the Concrete Jungle series and lead community gatherings via their Patreon Pod Squad both virtually and in person, recently coming off their first retreat success at the Land of of Oz Theme in North Carolina.  You can find Down the Yellow Brick Pod wherever you listen to podcasts, on Patreon for bonus content and community, Etsy for good witch trouble swag, and Instagram @downtheyellowbrick pod.

  • Oz historian Tori Calamito has emerged as an influential voice in the "Wizard of Oz" social media sphere, garnering more than 144,000 organic TikTok followers on the @TheOzVlog platform. Inspired by her favorite movie, Tori's passion for the film blossomed into a love of everything associated with the magical land. Her impressive Oz merch collection spawned a popular YouTube vlog in 2006, where sharing memorabilia with other fans led to her covering Oz events across the country. With a background in performance and academic achievement, her unique perspective soon paved the way to engage with audiences as a host and headliner at these events. She now attracts partnerships as a professional brand ambassador and influencer. @The Oz Vlog on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Patreon platforms seek to educate and entertain about the legend of Oz across all media, from page to stage, to screen and beyond. Within the greater Oz fandom, Tori and @TheOzVlog bring fans together through their collective love for Oz!

  • Launched in 2018 by Brady SchwindThe Lost Art of Oz is the first program attempting to trace and definitively catalogue the surviving original art from the classic Oz book series.  The project is bringing together institutions, libraries, and private collectors with the vision of celebrating the genius and imagination of the original artists who immortalized a classic piece of American literature, and to encourage the continued valuing and preservation of Children's Literature Illustration. The Lost Art of Oz is a program sponsored by The Arts of Imagination Foundation - a 501(3)(c) not for profit organization.

Saturday, November 11th at 4PM EST at Our 17th St Location!

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