Jewish Joy for Middle Grade Readers

Jewish Joy for Middle Grade Readers

November 9th at 6PM ET
17th Street Location

Join Us for These Joyful Books!

With touching coming-of-age stories, clever kids figuring out how to follow their dreams, and escapades you won't want to miss, these brilliant books are perfect for celebrating the Jewish holidays! 

Join us to discover:

  • Shira and Esther's Double Dream Debut by ANNA E. JORDAN. What would happen if two girls that look just alike (but could not be more different!) traded lives for a little bit? Then just maybe starlet Shira could live her dreams of singing and dancing onstage, and shy Esther could follow her dreams of studying Torah... Oy vey! If only the two could actually switch places...

  • Two Tribes by EMILY BOWEN COHENMia is still getting used to living with her mom and stepfather, and to the new role their Jewish identity plays in their home. Still, Mia finds herself thinking more and more about her Muscogee father, who lives with his new family in Oklahoma, and Mia can’t help but feel like she’s missing a part of herself without him in her life. Soon, Mia makes a plan to use the gifts from her bat mitzvah to take a bus to Oklahoma — without telling her mom — to visit her dad and find the connection to her Muscogee side she knows is just as important as her Jewish side.

  • The Jake Show by JOSHUA S. LEVY. When Jake's parents get divorced, he feels stuck in a tug-of-war between two very different homes. His strictly Orthodox Jewish mother and his secular father each want very different versions of him, and depending on where Jake is, he has to change everything about himself to fit them. After meeting friends who seem to like the real Jake, and invite him to Camp Gershoni for the summer, Jake knows he has to go —  even if his parents won’t let him. When the elaborate ruse he created in order to go starts to fail, Jake must decide what’s truly important or risk losing the people he cares about the most.

  • Ellie's Deli: Wishing on Matzo Ball Soup by LISA GREENWALD. When feisty, eleven-year-old Ellie accidentally overhears that her family deli is most likely going to close, she does the only thing she can think of. She makes a wish on matzo ball soup. She considers Lukshen Deli part of the family — after all, it’s been around for four generations, ever since her great-grandmother opened it. Along with her BFF, her sisters, her lunch buddies, and her grandparents, Ellie is determined to prove that old fashioned Jewish delis can get with the times! But if her plan doesn’t work, the deli will be sold for good.

  • The Dubious Pranks of Shaindy Goodman by MARI LOWEShaindy is a twelve-year-old Orthodox Jewish girl who struggles in school, has no good friends, and envies her next-door neighbor, Gayil, who excels socially and academically. They don't really talk, so it's a surprise when Gayil tells Shaindy that she has a key to break into their school after hours. Together, they set up a harmless prank in their classroom. But Gayil’s mischief soon becomes malice, and Shaindy sees that the pranks and humiliations are targeted only at certain girls. But what could they have in common? Shaindy soon realizes that if she can’t figure out how to stop it, the next target could be her. 

November 9th at 6PM ET at Our 17th St Store!

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