Queer YA Reads

Queer YA Reads

August 27th at 4PM EST

These Titles are Sure to Charm You! 

Tales of strong characters speaking their truths and embracing the romance in their lives, what more could you want?

Tune in for:

  • All the Yellow Suns by MALAVIKA KANNANSixteen-year-old Maya knows better than to rock the boat in her conservative Florida suburb. Her classmate Juneau is the polar opposite: wealthy, white, and won’t think twice before capsizing that boat. When Juneau invites Maya to join a secret society of artists, vandals, and mischief-makers who fight for justice at their school, the two forge a friendship that inspires her to confront the challenges in her own life... even as their relationship grows romantic, painful, and twisted. Will Maya be able to speak her truth, even if it results in heartbreak?

  • If You Still Recognize Me by CYNTHIA SO. This summer, Elsie is finally going to confess her feelings to her longtime, long-distance crush. That is, until Joan, Elsie’s childhood best friend, literally walks back into her life, and it's like she had never moved away to Hong Kong or ignored Elsie’s dozens of emails and letters. Then Ada mentions her grandmother’s own long-lost pen pal (read: love?), who once lived only a train ride away from Elsie’s home, and Elsie gets the idea for the perfect grand gesture. But as her plan to reunite the two older women ignites a summer of repairing broken bonds, Elsie starts to wonder if she, too, can recover the things she’s lost…

  • Sixteen Souls by ROSIE TALBOTSixteen-year-old Charlie is a seer-of-spirits in York, the most haunted city in England. When famous spirits begin mysteriously vanishing from York's haunted streets and alleys, Charlie is determined to stay out of it. But when one of his ghostly friends vanishes, and Sam, the irritating new seer in town, expects him to get involved, he has no choice but to face the shadows — and his growing feelings for Sam. The boys must be willing to risk it all to save York’s spirits, because this adversary will stop at nothing to complete their devastating plan...

  • No Boy Summer by AMY SPALDING. Lydia and her sister Penny have made a pact to avoid boy drama for the summer — but when Lydia starts falling for aspiring filmmaker Fran, she starts looking for loopholes. After all, the pact didn't include girls and Penny wouldn't mind... right?

Sunday, August 27th at 4PM EST via Crowdcast!

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