If You Still Recognize Me


Author: Cynthia So


*Signed Bookplates!*

For fans of Heartstopper, Some Girls Do, and It’s Not Like It’s a Secret, this heartfelt, poignant YA debut is a second-chance summer romance that will steal your heart. 

This summer, Elsie is finally going to confess her feelings to her longtime — and long-distance — crush. Ada’s fanfics are to die for, and she just gets Elsie like no one else. That is, until Joan, Elsie’s childhood best friend, literally walks back into her life and slots in like she had never moved away to Hong Kong and never ignored Elsie’s dozens of emails and letters.

Then Ada mentions her grandmother’s own long-lost pen pal (and maybe love?), a woman who once lived only a train ride away from Elsie’s Oxford home, and Elsie gets the idea for the perfect grand gesture. But as her plan to reunite the two older women ignites a summer of repairing broken bonds, Elsie starts to wonder if she, too, can recover the things she’s lost…

With a beautifully earnest teen voice, a light epistolary element, and a dash of fandom, this wistful and delightful debut is a love letter to queer coming-of-age, finding community, and finding yourself.