Picture Books to Share

Picture Books to Share

October 14th at 1PM EST

Sweet and Silly Tales Sure to Make You Smile!

From bears that are just too snug as a bug in a rug, to birds that learn to connect with their inner dinosaur, to a brave little girl making her Diwali drams come true, to a little old lady scared of her own shadow, these new picture books are perfect for sharing with your young readers!

Tune in for:

  • Granny Rex by KURTIS SCALETTAWhen little Dee is harassed by the neighborhood hawk, Mama tells her that her 20-million-times great-great-great-grandmother was an enormous dinosaur named Granny Rex and that Granny Rex still lives in Dee’s feathers and bones. It’s true: Not only did birds descend from dinosaurs, but they are related to the Tyrannosaurus rex, one of the mightiest dinosaurs of all! “Never forget,” says Mama to her little bird, “that you are a dinosaur.” Dee discovers she might be small, but she is mighty.

  • Time to Go, Larry! by ALISON HAWKINS. Good morning, Larry! It’s time to wake up! But why would Larry want to get out of bed? His pillows are in the perfect spot, his blankets are just oh so soft, his left foot is tucked in the blanket while his right foot is not… this is obviously the most comfortable and best place to be! But look--just over there the breakfast table is loaded with Larry’s favorites: eggs and bacon and waffles and hot chocolate and one tiny, perfect, tangerine. Perhaps, Larry would change his mind?

  • Raaga's Song: A Diwali Story by NAVINA CHHABRIA.Raaga has always dreamed of singing at the annual Diwali mela at the Royal Place. Growing up, her grandfather would tell her the story of how Lord Rama and his army slew the ten-headed demon Ravana (the story for which Diwali is celebrated today). While Raaga has always suffered from stage fright, the more Raaga practices, the larger her audience grows, like her own little army. When the day of the audition comes, the ten judges tower over her like Ravana and taunt her. It will take all of Raaga's courage and the support of her "army" to summon the strength of Lord Rama and prove them wrong.

  • Melvina Whitmoore (More or Less and Horror Story) by FAITH CAPALIAMelvina Whitmoore is afraid of everything from spiders to snails and even her own shadow. Which is why she can’t wait to move into her new house—a safe place where nothing will be able to get to her.

    But she’ll soon discover that surprises hide around every corner and not everything is as it first seems... 

Saturday, October 14th at 1PM EST via Crowdcast!

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