Melvina Whitmoore (More or Less a Horror Story)


Author: Faith Capalia


*Signed Bookplates!*

Perfect for fans of The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything, Melvina Whitmoore (More or Less a Horror Story) is a spooky picture book debut by author-illustrator Faith Capalia that follows a fearful old woman named Melvina.

Melvina Whitmoore is afraid of everything from spiders to snails and even her own shadow. Which is why she can’t wait to move into her new house—a safe place where nothing will be able to get to her.

But she’ll soon discover that surprises hide around every corner and not everything is as it first seems . . .

From debut creator Faith Capalia comes a spooky and thrilling tale that reminds us that unexpected things can happen when we face our fears.