Picture Books to Share!

Picture Books to Share!

September 17th at 1PM EST

Sweet Tales Perfect for Sharing! 

These darling books are full of tales of fun and friendship, with plenty of funny twists! Be sure to tune in for these heartfelt titles! 

Join us to discover:

  • I Cannot Draw a Bicycle by CHARISE MERICLE HARPER. A laugh-out-loud picture book about making something out of nothing! The Horse wants a bicycle. A bicycle is hard to draw. The Book cannot draw a bicycle. But the Book CAN draw shapes. Can the Horse and the Cat build a bicycle from shapes? Or will their dreams end in pieces?

  • BrindleFox by JOHN SANDFORDBrindleFox refuses to be a friend, so he has no friends. One morning, he discovers something unexpected — a tree has begun sprouting from his back. One day, a strange heron appears in his tree. Furious, BrindleFox attempts to drive the intruder away and finds himself stunned by something he doesn't understand — a selfless act of kindness from a fearless new friend. 

  • This Tank is Mine! by JONATHAN FENSKE. Angelo the angel fish lives in an awesome fish take — but then a new fish gets dropped into his tank. Now, Angelo has to share! This adorable and hilarious picture book is all about how sharing can be fun wit ha friend by your side!
  • Tiny Barbarian Conquers the Kraken by AME DYCKMAN. Tiny Barbarian is back and ready to take on the high seas... except he doesn't know how to swim! In this epic summertime tale of bravery and imagination, join the heroic Tiny Barbarian as he gears up, learns to swim, and takes on the mighty kraken of the deep!

Sunday, September 17th at 1PM EST via Crowdcast!

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