Tiny Barbarian Conquers the Kraken


Author: Ame Dyckman


Illustrator: Ashley Spires


Join Tiny Barbarian and his big imagination on his second adventure: conquering swim lessons!

When Tiny sees that his movie hero Bob the Barbarian’s latest adventure takes place in the choppy seas against a mighty kraken, Tiny instantly imagines himself slicing through the waves and conquering the monster.

There’s just one problem—Tiny doesn’t know how to swim!

With new gear, including goggles, a kickboard, and a swim cap stretched over his barbarian helmet, Tiny learns the basics at the local pool and builds up his confidence in the water. Can he utilize his new skills to protect the realm when a foe rises from the deep?   

In this epic summertime tale of bravery and imagination, Ame Dyckman (You Don't Want A Unicorn!) and Ashley Spires (The Most Magnificent Thing) show how an ordinary day at the pool can become extraordinary with some creative thinking