Picture Books to Cherish

Picture Books to Cherish

July 1st at 1PM EST

These Artistic Titles Will Have You Ooh-ing and Ahh-ing!

Join Books of Wonder to explore these brilliant titles, full of warmth and heART!

Tune in for: 

  • Poppy Through the Paintings by JULIE LUCHT. Adventurous and passionate Poppy can't wait to go to the art museum with her fourth-grade class! But when Poppy leans a bit too close to a painting, to her surprise she falls inside! With the help of some unlikely friends, she must travel from one painting to another in a colorful quest to get back home.

  • The Yellow Áo Dài by HANH BUI and illustrated by MINNIE PHAN. Naliah is excited to perform a traditional Vietnamese Fan Dance at her school’s International Day. But when her special áo dài no longer fits right, she tries on a pretty yellow one, only to accidentally rip it while practicing her dance. She’s horrified to discover that this was a very special áo dài that her grandmother had worn. With a little help from her mom’s sewing kit and her grandmother’s loving legacy, Naliah learns not only how to mend the yellow áo dài but also how to believe in herself and make it her own.

  • The Storytellers Rule by CHRISTY MANDIN. Birdie usually has no problem creating masterpieces. But today is different: Her perfect story just won’t manifest itself. But no fear, the Storytellers are here! In this hilarious and sweet picture book, a young child’s pens, pencils, and markers are for more than just jotting down ideas. They inspire and spark wonder.

Saturday, July 1st at 1PM EST via Crowdcast!

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