Picture Book Launch Extravaganza!

Picture Book Launch Extravaganza!

April 6th at 2PM ET
17th Street Location

 Beautiful Picture Books to Bring Home to Your Young Readers!

These new picture book releases are sure to bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart with their sweet stories and clever characters!

Join us to discover:

  • The Shadow and the Ghost by CAT MIN. Shinbi is not a particularly ghosty ghost. She prefers to stargaze instead of haunting at night. In the daytime, a single rock, casts a shadow, named Greem. He’d really like someone to talk to, so he writes one word on his lonely rock: “Hi” and hopes someone will see it. Sure enough, in the darkness of night, Shinbi finds the note! But who could have written it? Will these two lonely souls ever find each other?

  • Mama in the Moon by DOREEN CRONIN and illustrated by BRIAN CRONIN. Baby sloth lives high up in the trees with his mama, where he loves to sleep between her and the moon. But one day he falls from her arms! Now, how will he make it back? As Mama slooooowly makes her way down to him, she finds clever ways to reassure and distract him using his senses of sight, sound, smell, and touch in this gentle picture book.

  • When I Visited Grandma illustrated by KAVITA RAMCHANDRANIt’s Maya’s first morning in India, but Grandma is already rushing her — it’s market day and they must make the most of Maya’s visit. The market is too hot, too loud, too full of Grandma’s nosy neighbors, who continue to drop by even once they're home. But the next morning the house is unusually quiet. Dad explains that Grandma has had to go to the hospital. And suddenly Maya begins to see things differently… 

  • Are You Listening? by SUSAN VERDE. This sweet book is a guide for how to experience the world around us more deeply using the five senses to find joy, connection, and beauty in the small, everyday moments. With careful, intentional listening, we can better appreciate the world around us!

Saturday, April 6th at 2PM ET at Our 17th St Store!

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