April Middle Grade Launches

April Middle Grade Launches

April 6th at 4PM ET

Tales of Overcoming Challenges and Saving the Day!

Middle school can be difficult for everyone, but these characters are having an especially hard time... watch as they have comebacks in the eleventh hour and really turn their situations around!

Tune in for:
  • Ultraviolet by AIDA SALAZAR. For Elio Solis, eighth grade fizzes with change — His body, his feelings, and especially Camelia, his first girlfriend. But then, betrayal and heartbreak send Elio spiraling toward revenge, a fight to defend Camelia’s honor. What he doesn’t anticipate is the dire consequences... will Elio be able to patch things up before it's too late?

  • Deep Water by JAMIE SUMNER. Tully has her heart set on completing the famous "Godfather swim" marathon across Lake Tahoe, because if she does, maybe her mom will come back. As she's slicing through the waves, devastating thoughts and memories surface, too. But when the swim turns deadly, she has to decide what's more important: the chance of her mom's return or her own safety.

  • A Game of Noctis by DEVA FAGAN. Pia believes she lives in a world where if you play by the rules, you're safe — until her grandfather is unfairly sentenced to a life of servitude. She soon joins a team of players seeking to win the most perilous game of all: Noctis. What follows is a gauntlet of terrifying and deadly challenges, tests that Pia must ace if she wants any chance of saving her beloved grandfather. She might just change the game in the process.

  • Running in Flip-Flops From the End of the World by JUSTIN A. REYNOLDS. When 12-year-old Eddie and his friends are left home from the Beach Bash (A.K.A the best party of the year) and then realize everybody else has disappeared, they decide to have the best day ever! Having no parental supervision begins to get old, though, and with an unknown force preventing them from solving this mystery, will they ever find their parents?

  • Listen to This by JENNIFER BLECHER. Will usually keeps to himself, but keeps bumping into Lily. Lily is stressed because her best friends are drifting away from her, but she's made a new friend in Sienna. Sienna isn't so sure about Lily and Will. Between disastrous sleepovers, vicious rumors, secret crushes, old and new friends, and parents who just don’t get it, how does anyone make it through the tumult of seventh grade? 

Saturday, April 6th at 4PM ET via Crowdcast!

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