NYC Launch | Saint-Seducing Gold by Brittany N. Williams

NYC Launch | Saint-Seducing Gold by Brittany N. Williams

April 27th at 4PM ET
17th Street Location

Prepare for Intrigue — Both Magical and Mortal!

BRITTANY N. WILLIAMS is back with Saint-Seducing Gold, the riveting sequel to That Self-Same Metal! This thrilling YA fantasy novel has it all — royalty, mystery, magic, and mayhem! Join us at our 17th St Store for the launch of this action-packed adventure! BRITTANY N. WILLIAMS will be in conversation with OMAR HOLMON, co-founder of Black Nerd Problems.

In Saint-Seducing Gold, there’s danger in the court of James I, and magical metal-worker Joan Sands must reforge the Pact between humanity and the Fae to stop the looming war. As violence erupts across London and the murderous spymaster Robert Cecil closes in, the Fae queen Titanea coerces Joan into joining the royal court while holding her godfather prisoner in the infamous Tower of London. Now Joan will have to survive deadly machinations both magical and mortal all while balancing the magnetic pull of her two loves — Rose and Nick — before the world as she knows it is destroyed forever.

Saturday, April 27th at 4PM ET at Our 17th St Store

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