November Non-Fiction Picture Book Celebration!

November Non-Fiction Picture Book Celebration!

November 18th at 1PM ET

Intriguing Non-Fiction Picture Books!

These creative non-fiction picture books are perfect for your curious young readers! Or, a reader of any age interested in just why a tumbleweed tumbles, the history of a great lion protector, how to eat in space, learning about one of Earth's more unique creatures, the wombat!

Tune in to discover:
  • Tumble by ADRIANA HERN


    NDEZ BERGSTROMWind blows. Tumble goes. Fence stops. Tumble hops. Cactus waves. Tumble stays, and stays, and stays. This gorgeous, poetic story follows the unexpected journey of a lone tumbleweed making its way across the desert, and is an incredible read-aloud, perfect for storytime or newly independent readers!

  • The Lion Queen: Rasila Vadher, the First Woman Guardian of the Last Asiatic Lions by RINA SINGH“Never look a lion in the eyes,” a mother tells her fearless girl. After a field trip to the Gir Forest, the girl learns all about the rare Asiatic lions of India, and from that day on, she dreams of taking care of them when she grows up. But not everyone thinks a girl has a right to such a dream, and so she stifles what she wishes for most, a roar growing inside her. That is, until the day she comes face-to-face with a lion. This empowering and exciting picture book is inspired by the story of Rasila Vadher, who grew up to become the first woman guardian and real-life Lion Queen at India’s Gir Forest, the very place where she first fell in love with lions.

  • Wombats Are Pretty Weird by ABI CUSHMAN. Wombats are elusive, burrowing marsupials. Their teeth never stop growing, they have backward-facing pouches, and they’re the only animal to have cube-shaped poop. And if you ask their friend Snake, those aren’t the only things that are weird about wombats! This funny, kid-friendly, and informative picture book will have you and your young readers giggling!

  • How to Eat in Space by HELEN TAYLOR. Without a kitchen, plates, or cups, eating in space isn’t easy. When food floats (and so do you), remember:
    1. Be patient: Preparing a meal without gravity’s help takes time.
    2. Avoid crumbs: They get everywhere!
    3. Clean up after yourself: Today’s stray snack could become tomorrow’s smelly surprise.
    Once you learn the dos and don’ts, you’ll be eating like an astronaut in no time!

Saturday, November 18th at 1PM ET via Crowdcast!

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