November Great YA Mystery & Suspense!

November Great YA Mystery & Suspense!

November 21st at 6PM ET

Blackmail, Mystery, Murder, and More!

These mysterious YA titles will have you on the edge of your seat! Join us virtually to find out whether these characters make it to the end of their stories...

Tune in for:
  • By Any Other Name by ERIN COTTER. When the mentor of Will, a down-on-his-luck actor who's trying to lay low, is murdered, all hell breaks loose. This is because that mentor is the famous playwright Christopher Marlowe, and he was actually a spy for the queen, tasked with stalking an assassin that is after the queen. His secrets and untimely death have put Will under a harsh spotlight, until he unwittingly foils an attempt on the queen’s life, and she names him her next spymaster. Now, Will must team up with the entitled and unfairly handsome Lord James Bloomsbury, who gets under his skin immediately. Together, the two hunt the cunning assassin, defend the queen’s life, and pray to keep their own... all while an unexpected connection blossoms between them.

  • Only She Came Back by MARGOT HARRISON. After Kiri walks out of the desert wearing her boyfriend’s bloody sweatshirt and on the verge of unconsciousness, she tells a cashier that he’s still out there and most likely dead. Kiri becomes the prime suspect in the disappearance of Callum Massey, a “survival guru” influencer. Back in Kiri's hometown, true-crime fanatic Sam is completely hooked on the case — and recognizes the suspect as shy Katie from high school. Sam reaches out to befriend her old classmate, but when Kiri starts to confide in her, Sam realizes there’s more to the story than she had imagined. Can she keep Kiri’s secrets even though revealing them could put her where she's always longed to be — at the center of the story?
  • And Don't Look Back by REBECCA BARROW. Harlow has spent her entire life running, flitting from town to town with her mom, taking on a new personality each time. When Harlow and her mom set off on yet another 3 a.m. escape, a car accident leaves Harlow’s mother fatally wounded. Before she dies, she tells Harlow two things: where to find the key to a safety deposit box and to never stop running. In the box, Harlow finds an on-the-run essentials kit. But Harlow also finds relics of a part of her life she never knew existed. With these tantalizing clues about her mother’s secrets and the power to choose her own future for the first time, Harlow realizes she has two choices: keep fleeing her mom’s ghosts or face down the nebulous threat that’s been hanging over her for her entire life.

  • Secrets Never Die by VINCENT RALPHEvery year Sam Hall and his friends hold funerals for their secrets in an abandoned hut in the woods that they call the Dark Place. But this year, their secrets are coming back from the dead... to terrorize them. Sam is a former child star whose career went up in flames – literally. And no one, not even his best friend knows why. His friends each hold a secret pertaining to the night. A secret they would all like buried. Now someone from the past is blackmailing them with their dangerous secrets. Sam isn’t sure who he can trust, who’s watching him – or how far he’s willing to go to bury the past once and for all.

  • The Rosewood Hunt by MACKENZIE REED. Lily has always been close with her grandmother, having lived with her since her dad’s death. Gram’s role as chair of their family’s luxury coat business has even inspired Lily, and she hopes to follow in Gram’s footsteps one day. Then Gram dies suddenly, and Lily’s world is upended. Suddenly, Gram’s quarter of a billion dollar fortune is missing, and Lily has been banned from the manor they shared. When Lily and three other seemingly random teens get letters from Gram sending them on a treasure hunt around Rosetown, they hope the fortune will be the reward. Turns out they're not the only ones looking for it...

Tuesday, November 21st at 6PM ET via Crowdcast!

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