November Great YA Romantic Reads

November Great YA Romantic Reads

November 28th at 6PM ET

Get Swept Off Your Feet by These Great Books!

These titles are as entrancing as they are romantic! With time-traveling, place-switching, and more, you won't want to miss this great lineup!

Tune in to discover:

  • Emmett by L. C. ROSEN. Emmett knows he’s blessed, so he tries to give back. His latest hobby: matchmaking. So when his occasional friend-with-benefits Harrison starts saying he wants a boyfriend (something Emmett  definitely does NOT want to be), he decides to find Harrison the perfect man at Highbury Academy. But the lines Emmett tries to draw are more porous than he thinks, and as he tries to find Harrison the perfect match, he learns that gifted as he may be, maybe he has no idea what he’s doing when it comes to love.
  • A Pretty Implausible Premise by KAREN RIVERSTheir instant connection seems implausible, even impossible, as they start to realize all they have in common: the grief, the absentee parent, and how both were forced to give up their Olympic dreams. Connected by experiences only they understand, Hattie and Presley fall into a whirlwind romance. But like the wildfires surrounding their California town, the trauma that haunts them is unrelenting. Can they overcome their losses without losing each other? Or will their ghosts break them apart?

  • The Name Drop by SUSAN LEEElijah arrives in New York City to intern at his father’s massive tech company, expecting unwanted royal treatment. Instead, he's shuffled into a group of overworked, unpaid interns. Jessica arrives in NYC expecting to be at the bottom of the corporate ladder, but finds she's the new executive-in-training intern. The two soon realize the source of the mistake: they share the same Korean name. But they decide to stay switched — so Elijah can have a relaxing summer away from his controlling dad, while Jessica makes the connections she desperately needs for college recommendations. As Elijah and Jessica work together to keep up the charade, a spark develops between them. Can they avoid discovery — and total disaster — with their feelings and futures on the line?

  • Pride and Prejudice and Pittsburgh by RACHAEL LIPPINCOTT. After getting dumped by her first love and waitlisted at her dream art school all in one week, Audrey has lost her spark. But then local curmudgeon Mr. Montgomery says he can help her, and Audrey finds herself transported back to 1812, becoming a Regency romance heroine. There she meets Lucy, who welcomes the distraction from an awful arranged marriage and future she couldn’t be less interested in. While trying to get Audrey home, they fall for each other instead, but can such an unexpected love story survive even more impossible circumstances?

  • What a Desi Girl Wants by SABINA KHAN. Mehar reluctantly agrees to return to India to attend her royal father's wedding, in hopes that she can heal their broken relationship. Despite his inattention, Mehar barely cares once she meets Sufiya — and Mehar thinks their friendship is turning into something more. At the same time, she can tell that her "new stepmom" and her daughter are just using her father for his money. Mehar starts thinking about sabotaging the wedding, but telling her father the truth means putting her relationship with Sufiya at risk...

  • Sleepless in Dubai by SAJNI PATEL. When Nikki and her family travel to Dubai to celebrate the five days of Diwali in style, she's over the moon, except for the fact that Yash, the boy next door — with whom Nikki has a rocky history — is also on the flight. Oblivious to the tension, Nikki’s family tries their hands at matchmaking. While a lot can change on a 12-hour flight beyond just continents, can betrayals and conflicting ambitions be set aside long enough for Nikki and Yash to discover the true meaning of the Festival of Lights?

Tuesday, November 28th at 6PM ET via Crowdcast!

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