Holiday Kickoff Spectacular!

Holiday Kickoff Spectacular!

November 25th at 1PM ET
17th Street Location

Get Ready for the Holiday Season with
These Great Books!

These sweet and silly titles are perfect for you and your young readers to dig into ahead of the holidays (or for giving as gifts this time of year, too!)!

Join us in-store to meet:

  • The Museum of Nothing by STEVEN GUARNACCIA. There is so much more to nothing than you think! Join Oona and Otto on a tour of the funny, fascinating Museum of Nothing! This museum proudly displays every kind of nothing. There’s the Hall of Holes (donut, button, black), the Zero Wing, the Nobody Room — where the Invisible Man is the star attraction — and more! With pages full of witty details to discover, this captivating book is perfect for curious kids ages 5-9 looking for their next big mind-bending adventure.

  • Noodle Conquers Comfy Mountain by JONATHAN GRAZIANONoodle the pug loves his cozy donut bed, tucked away in his human, Jonathan’s, bedroom. But as he’s settling in for a lazy day (a no bones day), he decides he needs someplace extra special. On a quest to find this comfiest place, Noodle spots the holy grail: the soft, squishy top of the couch. It’s Comfy Mountain. But Comfy Mountain is high up out of Noodle’s reach. Follow along as Noodle learns that, while it’s great to try things on your own, it’s also okay to ask for help when you need it.

  • Pass the Baby by SUSANNA REICH. What does it take to make a perfect family meal? Is it the forks, spoons, plates, and napkins? Maybe it’s sister’s lemonade, Papi’s guacamole, or delicious meatballs and ravioli eyed by a hungry pup. When it’s time to sit down and dig in, there’s one thing everybody agrees they need to do, “Baby, baby, pass the baby!”

  • Before, Now by DANIEL SALMIERI. Ava’s world is full of opposites: colorful sneakers on a gray sidewalk, thick books made up of thin sheets of paper, and dreams of huge spaces in her small head. Together, these opposites depict a full and impactful life, as Ava moves from girl to student to scientist, from daughter to mother to grandmother. While years pass and some things change, there is even more that is constant in this visually rich, soothing portrait of family connection through the generations.

  • Cake Vs. Pie by SUDIPTA BARDHAN-QUALLEN“Let’s get ready to cruuuuumble!” There can only be one favorite dessert. Will it be Cake, the friend who rises to every occasion? Or will Pie’s surprisingly sweet center be the most irresistible? There’s only one way to settle this battle, once and for all: FOOD FIGHT! Join Cake and Pie as they deal with friendship rivalry, overcome jealousy, and learn that being together is the sweetest thing.

Saturday, November 25th at 1PM ET at Our 17th St Store!

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