New Picture Books for March!

New Picture Books for March!

March 12th at 1PM EST

Tune in to These Wonderful Titles!

Chime in with these awesome books, where we'll take a moment to appreciate the beautiful world around us, celebrate the empowering significance of hair across Indigenous cultures, cherish the love a mother has for her son, and learn along with a lively musical note that everyone has a part to play!

Take a peek at these titles:

  • In the Palm of My Hand by JENNIFER RAUDENBUSHOn an ambling walk, a child discovers they hold the promise of larger worlds — forests and meadows — in the palm of their hand. An acorn becomes a tree within a woodland wonderland. A grain of sand becomes a sandcastle in a kingdom of imagination. By exploring nature’s tiniest details, they learn even small things, including them, contain infinite potential.

  • The Note Who Faced the Music by LINDSAY BONILLA. Half Note believes she’s so unimportant that she leaves the musical staff, but when the composer and other notes descend into hilarious cacophony without her, she learns everyone has a special part to play. This hilarious, offbeat tale of sheet music in treble will strike a chord with anyone who’s felt out of sync, ringing with reassurance that everyone has a part to play when working as a team!

  • My Powerful Hair by CAROLE LINDSTROM. "Our ancestors say our hair is our memories / our source of strength and power / a celebration of our lives." Mom never had long hair — she was told it was too wild. Grandma couldn’t have long hair — hers was taken from her. But one young girl can’t wait to grow her hair long: for herself, for her family, for her connection to her culture and the Earth, and to honor the strength and resilience of those who came before her. A moving tale of self-empowerment from the author of the Caldecott Medal-winning We Are Water Protectors

  • One Day by JOANNA HOFrom the New York Times bestselling author of Eyes that Kiss in the Corners, Joanna Ho, comes a beautiful picture book about the depths of a mother’s love. One Day is a mother’s ode to her baby boy—she shares her hopes and dreams for her son as she envisions him exploring the world. It is a perfect gift for baby showers, Mother’s Day, and graduation! 

Sunday, March 12th at 1PM EST via Crowdcast!

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