Fantastic Middle Grade Reads

Fantastic Middle Grade Reads

March 11th at 3PM EST

Gear Up for These Great Reads!

In these three terrific titles, we'll meet a boy that has to keep the secret of raising a baby dragon from not only his family, but his whole town, next we'll meet two magical cousins who are cupids-in-training, and then meet a boy that is accidentally transported to a city of elves, when all he was trying to do was go skateboarding!

Come check out: 

  • Battle Dragons: City of Secrets by ALEX LONDONIn a modern mega-city built around dragons, one boy gets caught up in the world of underground dragon battles and a high-stakes gang war that could tear his family apart. Then he discovers the baby wyvern. Abel has made it his mission to aid any dragon that needs him. But what is he willing to risk for a baby wyvern in a town without mercy?

  • Suitehearts: Harmony and Heartbreak by CLAIRE KANNCousins Rose and Cora Seville aren’t your typical eighth graders. They are Matchmakers-in-training, learning how to magically make love connections out of San Francisco’s Hotel Coeur, where they live in the penthouse suite. As young Fledglings, Rose and Cora must perfect their charms and enchantments to pass a test that will determine their futures, but they are not prepared for all the drama ahead!

  • Oscar From Elsewhere by JACLYN MORIARTY. Five children receive a letter begging for urgent assistance to save an entire town of elves. When they arrive, the children find two incredibly odd things: first, the town of elves, buried under layers of silver; and second, a regular-size boy who, soon after seeing the children, dies. Oscar is that boy who skipped school in our world on Monday to skate, and found himself in the city of the elves at just the wrong moment: He fled as fast as he could, but not fast enough because the silver wave struck him and he fell down dead. And that’s just the beginning!

Saturday, March 11th at 3PM EST via Crowdcast!

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