Middle Grade Pride!

Middle Grade Pride!

June 30th at 2PM ET

One More Event for Pride Month! 

Close out Pride Month with these terrific middle grade titles, each one full of heart and humor!

Tune in for:

  • Jamie by L. D. LAPINSKIJamie is a happy 11-year-old, nonbinary kid who loves hanging out with their two best friends, Daisy and Ash. But when the trio discovers that their new middle school is actually two schools that separate girls and boys, it's clear that the school board didn't think about where kids like Jamie would go. The friends decide to take matters into their own hands, or risk losing each other for ever!

  • Cross My Heart and Never Lie by NORA DÅSNES. Tuva is starting seventh grade, and despite her checklist of fun plans and goals with her best friends, nothing is how she hoped it would be. Seventh grade has split her friends into rival factions: the girls who fall in love and the girls who NEVER fall in love. Worst of all, they expect Tuva to choose a side!

  • Just Lizzie by KAREN WILFRID. Fourteen-year-old Lizzie is experiencing a lot of change: her family had to move, her brother left for college, and her friends are more interested in dating than dolls. She can't help but feel left behind when she has zero interest in flirting, until a class lesson on asexual reproduction in plants leads her to look up whether people can be asexual too — could this be what she's been looking for all along? 

Sunday, June 30th at 2PM ET via Crowdcast!

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