Graphic Magic!

Graphic Magic!

July 9th at 6PM ET

 Fractured Fairy Tales Have Never Been This Fun! 

The magic of the New York Times and USA Today bestselling Whatever After series comes to life in Fairest of All: The Graphic Novel, the brand-new graphic novel adaptation from SARAH MLYNOWSKI and illustrated by ANU CHOUHAN! Join Abby as she and her brother go on a fantastical adventure to save Snow White! SARAH MLYNOWSKI and ANU CHOUHAN will be in conversation with REX OGLE, author of Pizza Face.

Once upon a time, in Fairest of All: The Graphic Novel, Abby and her little brother, Jonah, were slurped up by the mirror in their basement and magically transported into the fairy tale of Snow White! When they stop Snow from eating the poison apple, they think they're heroes, but soon realize that if Snow White doesn't die, she won't meet her prince and get her happy ending! Now it's up to Abby and Jonah --  with some help from Snow and the seven dwarfs -- to outwit the witch and save the famous fairy tale. But what if Snow's REAL happy ending is something else entirely?

Don't forget to also check out the 16th and latest installment in the original Whatever After Series by SARAH MLYNOWSKI, Liar Liar!

Tuesday, July 9th at 6PM ET via Crowdcast!

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