Launch | Dark Parts of the Universe by Samuel Miller

Launch | Dark Parts of the Universe by Samuel Miller

April 26th at 6PM ET
17th Street Location

 Something Dark is Lurking...

Come get your fill of suspense with the thrilling YA launch for Dark Parts of the Universe by SAMUEL MILLER! In this chilling YA title, Willie has struggled his whole life to find his purpose, until he found the Game... or so he thought. As the Game begins to bring him and his friends down a dark and scary path, involving murder and even wilder things, it's up to the group to get to the bottom of just what the Game is, before it claims another victim.

In Dark Parts of the Universe, in the small town of Calico Springs, Willie’s life has been defined by two powerful forces: God and the river. The “miracle boy” died for five minutes as a young child, and ever since, Willie is certain he survived for a reason, but that purpose didn’t become clear until he found the Game.

The Game is called Manifest Atlas, and the concept is simple: enter an intention and the Game provides a target—a blinking blue dot on the map. Willie’s second time playing Manifest Atlas, his intention takes him to an ominous target: three empty graves. Willie is sure the Game is telling him he’s going to die.

Willie’s older brother, Bones, doesn’t believe him, but their friends are intrigued. Sarai, a girl from across the river, sets the next intention: something bloody. The group follows the Game’s coordinates and they discover something even more unsettling than the graves: a dead body. Sarai’s stepfather’s body. The Game is suddenly personal.

Willie is dedicated to proving the Game works while Sarai is set on finding out what happened to her stepdad. Bones just wants to enjoy his last summer before real life begins. As the group digs deeper into Manifest Atlas, stranger and wilder things begin to appear, unlocking a much deeper mystery running like an undercurrent through the small town. 

Friday, April 26th at 6PM ET at Our 17th St Store!

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