Incredible Middle Grade Non-Fiction

Incredible Middle Grade Non-Fiction

April 14 at 4PM ET

Lights, Science, Action!

From animals that are doing their parts to save the planet, to an interplanetary battle for space, to brave women from WWII, read all about these awesome people and phenomenon in (and out of!) our world! 

Tune in to discover:

  • Animal Climate Heroes by ALISON PEARCE STEVENSLearn more about how these four animal superheroes fight against their archnemesis: climate change! From elephants to whales; from sea otters to spiny anteaters, we'll discover how they're doing their part to protect the planet, and how we can do ours!

  • Cosmic Collisions: Asteroid vs. Comet by DR. MARC J. KUCHNERThere’s a comet speeding in from the outer solar system, and it’s about to slam into an asteroid. Who will be left standing after this interplanetary smackdown? Readers are encouraged to use real science to form a hypothesis!

  • The Girl Who Fought Back: Vladka Meed and the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising by JOSHUA M. GREENEWhen Vladka’s family is deported to concentration camps, Vladka joins the Jewish underground: a group determined to fight back against the Nazis, no matter the cost. Vladka's role is to pass as a non-Jew, sneak out of the ghetto, and smuggle secret messages and weapons back in. Every move she makes comes with the risk of being arrested or killed, but this operation is worth the ultimate danger.

  • Remember My Story: A Girl, a Holocaust Survivor, And a Friendship That Made History by CLAIRE SARNOWSKI. After an unusual friendship inspires change-making legislation, Claire Sarnowski and Holocaust survivor Alter Wiener helped enact a law in Oregon schools that made Holocaust education mandatory. This page-turning memoir is a tribute to a man who survived the worst of humanity, an ode to friendship and community, and an empowering call to activism.

  • The Enigma Girls: How Ten Teenagers Broke Ciphers, Kept Secrets, and Helped Win World War II by CANDACE FLEMINGBletchley Park was a well-kept secret during World War II, and the critical work of code-cracking Nazi messages went on behind its closed doors. What most don't know is that there was another secret weapon: teenage girls. Some could do advanced math, speak a second language, or run the bombe machines, but all had to be able to keep a secret that could win the war.

Sunday, April 14 at 4PM ET via Crowdcast!

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