Great Middle Grade Reads!

Great Middle Grade Reads!

June 28th at 6PM
17th Street Location

Get Swept Up in These Epic Tales!

Join three friends as they embark on an exciting journey to find treasure, then follow a girl as she walks from Norway to England to escape the plague, embark on a daring rescue (and escape!) mission, follow five friends as they run from an ancient wolf monster, and follow along as three friends try and survive summer camp when it's anything but what it seems! 

Join us to discover: 

  • The Jules Verne Prophecy by LARRY SCHWARZ & IVA-MARIE PALMER. While spending the summer in Paris studying the author Jules Verne,  Owen and his friends discover a dusty copy of Verne’s collected works with hidden codes written inside. This leads them on an epic treasure hunt around the city, but they quickly realize they’re not the only ones searching for the hidden riches, and that there are others who will stop at nothing to get to them first!

  • Wild Bird by DIANE ZAHLER. Found hiding in a tree as a small child after her village was wiped out by the plague, Rype embarks on a sweeping adventure across Europe with the son of an English ship captain and a band of troubadours in search of a brighter future and a new home.

  • Camp Sylvania by JULIE MURPHY. After getting shipped off to fat camp against her wishes, Maggie arrives to find that things are...weird. Campers are encouraged to give blood, all the food is red, and there's even rumored to be a camp ghost. Despite it all, Maggie makes friends and starts to actually enjoy herself. This place might not be so bad… until campers start going missing. The camp ghost might be the least scary thing about this place…

  • When Giants Burn by BETH VRABELGerty wants to be a young pilot helping with disaster relief, and is building a secret plane. She's  determined to protect her beloved Pando, a nearby ancient aspen forest. Her friend Hayes' mom is back from prison, but while he will always miss the real her, he swears he will never be like her. When Gerty tells him about the plane and her plan to check on the forest in the light of the sudden wildfires, the two of them plan a daring  escape and rescue, but soon realize that they can’t escape their roots — and that holding onto those connections might be the real key to survival. 

  • The Devouring Wolf by NATALIE C. PARKER. Twelve-year-old Riley Callahan is ready to turn into a wolf. Nothing can ruin her mood, until the unthinkable happens — something that violates every rule of wolf magic — Riley and four other kids don’t shift. And to make matters far worse, it appears something was awoken in the woods that same night. It’s a terrifying campfire story for fledging wolves, an old legend of a giant creature who consumes the magic inside young werewolves. But to Riley, the Devouring Wolf is more than lore: it’s real and it’s after her and her friends.

Wednesday, June 28th at 6PM at Our 17th St Store!

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