Great Middle Grade Reads

Great Middle Grade Reads

March 23rd at 4PM ET

 Middle Grade Tales You Won't Want to Miss!

Tales of resilience, road trips, and documentaries that will have you excited for more! 

Tune in for:

  • Gut Reaction by KIRBY LARSON & QUINN WYATT. Tess is still dealing with the loss of her father, but baking is what keeps him feeling close. While perfecting her recipes for the Junior Baker Competition, she starts experiencing physical pain as she tries her treats. It's okay, though she just pushes that pain down like she does the emotional pain. But leading up to the competition, Tess can't take it anymore, and is forced to confront everything she has been trying so desperately to hide.

  • Coyote Lost and Found by DAN GEMEINHART. After finding her mom’s ashes, Coyote and her dad gear up for an epic cross-country road trip to scatter them at her mom’s chosen resting place. But Coyote has no idea where that resting place is — and the secret’s hidden in a book that Coyote mistakenly sold last year somewhere in the country. Now, it’s up to Coyote to track down the treasured book... without her dad ever finding out that it’s lost!

  • The Partition Project by SAADIA FARUQI. When her grandmother arrives in Houston from Pakistan, Maha knows that having Dadi move in is going to disrupt everything about her life. With her big documentary project looming, Maha scrambles for a subject, until she starts talking to Dadi about her childhood in northern India — and about the Partition that forced her to leave her home and relocate to the newly created Pakistan. Before she knows it, she has the subject of her documentary!

  • Free Period by ALI TERESE. Caught for one too many pranks, Helen and Gracie are made to join a school club to keep them out of trouble. They soon take over the club’s campaign for maxi pads in bathrooms for all students who menstruate. As Helen and Gracie find themselves closer to change and in deeper trouble than ever before, they must decide if they care enough to keep going... even if it costs them their friendship.

Saturday, March 23rd at 4PM ET via Crowdcast!

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