Great Middle Grade Graphic Novels!

Great Middle Grade Graphic Novels!

October 23rd at 3:00PM EST

Graphic Novels for Adventurous Middle Grade Readers!

From sudden superpowers and suspicious new pets, from distant planets across the galaxy to haunted hotels across the street — this exciting graphic novel panel will be sure to enrapture your young reader's imagination!

Tune in to discover that captivating stories of

  • Leon the Extraordinary by JAMAR NICHOLAS, where an ordinary kid becomes extraordinary overnight and must save his school from a zombie outbreak!

  • Rover and Speck: This Planet Rocks! by JONATHAN ROTH, where two rovers — as different as can be — are sent to explore a mysterious distant planet... only to discover they're NOT alone!

  • Spirit Week by IRA MARCKS, where an aspiring engineer and amateur filmmaker put their heads together to uncover the shadowy past of a ancient, haunted hotel!

  • Bunnicula adapted by ANDREW DONKIN, where a beloved classic is made new in graphic novel form! Join Harold the dog and Chester the cat as they investigate their newest furry addition to their home: a suspicious bunny with unusual habits... and fangs?

Join us for this virtual panel and uncover your or young reader's favorite new graphic novel.

Sunday, October 23rd at 3:00PM EST via Crowdcast!

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