Rover and Speck: This Planet Rocks!


Author: Jonathan Roth


*Signed Bookplates!*

In this one-of-a-kind graphic novel, two mismatched rovers meet on a distant planet and discover that space exploration is not what they expected! A perfect space adventure for aspiring (and armchair) astronauts everywhere!

Two mismatched rovers alone on a distant planet — what could possibly go wrong? When Rover crash-lands on a rocky planet and finds Speck stranded and in need of a battery charge, the two hardly seem destined to be teammates. Rover: organized, careful and on a mission to explore the galaxy. Speck: impulsive, excitable and... not sure what his mission is. Their differences are forgotten, however, when they make their first discovery: they're not alone! And suddenly their only mission is to escape from the rock creatures that are chasing them! Kids will happily travel with these two — anywhere!