Great Middle Grade Fantasy!

Great Middle Grade Fantasy!

March 16th at 4PM ET

 Space and Time-Bending Adventures!

These exciting new middle grade reads are full of magical creatures, time-travelling friends, and nearly-extinct magical items! Will they succeed in their missions? Tune in to find out!

Join us online to discover:

  • Charlie Hernandez & the Phantom of Time by RYAN CALEJO. In a letter from the Land of the Dead, Charlie's grandmother tells him he must stop a past event that destroys the Land of the Living in the future. Charlie and his friends must then use forbidden calaca magic and travel back in time to the place where the trouble began: 1950s Cuba. But all they discover in the mountain rainforests of Havana is a trail of dark secrets. And the deeper they dig, the more questions they unearth... Most alarming of all, it seems that they're not the only time travelers in town...

  • Wayfinders by BRYAN CHICK. Chloe has more than enough on her plate, but when a giant literally crashes into her house, Chloe and her dad find themselves on a wild adventure to save a group of fairy-tale creatures. To do so, they must find a way to reopen a secret portal to a magical world while preventing others from taking the magic for themselves. Will they be strong enough to save their new friends?

  • The Inkwell Chronicles: Race to Krakatoa by J.D. PEABODY. When a miraculous new type of ink called Inkanto begins to appear around the world, initial celebration soon gives way to suspicions about its mysterious origins. As the race to find and control the world's supply of magical ink intensifies, signs begin to appear that not is all that it seems. Will Everett, Bea, and their fellow Inklings be able to uncover the truth in time?

Saturday, March 16th at 4PM ET via Crowdcast!

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