Fantastic YA Reads

Fantastic YA Reads

August 17th at 6PM EST

YA Reads Sure to Enchant You! 

From a romance across centuries to a love story that dreams are made of (literally), these fantastic tales of romance and magic are just the spellbinding reads you've been looking for! 

Tune in to discover:

  • A Little Like Waking by ADAM REX. Zelda is stuck in a very strange dream, where people can fly, bears sneeze money, and her dead childhood cat, Patches, is somehow very much alive. Things only get stranger when Zelda meets Langston, a sweet if overly timid guy who feels more real to her than anyone she’s ever met. As Zelda and Langston explore the far reaches of the dreamscape together, they find themselves growing closer and closer. But what they uncover along the way pushes them towards a truth neither of them wants to face. Will it turn out that he's the guy of her dreams, or is she the girl of his?

  • Fracturing Fate by SASHA ALSBERG. While consumed in a devastating battle with the demigod Llaw, Klara is mysteriously catapulted five hundred years into the past, suddenly alone and distraught that her fated love Callum died in battle. As the last Pillar of Time, an anchor point in the timeline of the world, Klara must survive untold dangers to determine the fate of the world and avenge the life of her love. But with all the treacherous enemies — magical and human alike — chasing Klara in 1500s Scotland, she has no idea what, and whom, she actually left behind on the battlefield in 2022. In a battle across history and the present, life and death, Klara must fight to choose her own fate.

  • The Revelry by KATHERINE WEBBER. Once a year in the woods, an exclusive, mysterious party called the Revelry takes place. But it's mysterious because once you attend the Revelry, you are sworn to secrecy... forever. Having not been invited, Bitsy's best friend Amy concocts a plan for the two of them to sneak in. The morning after, however, Bitsy doesn't know what happened to her. All she knows is that her life starts to unravel, while Amy's good fortune grows stronger. Has Bitsy been cursed? And if so, will she be able to discover enough secrets of the Revelry in order to free herself?

Thursday, August 17th at 6PM EST via Crowdcast

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