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Fracturing Fate

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Author: Sasha Alsberg


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Completing the BREAKING TIME duology, FRACTURING FATE takes Klara back in time to 1560s Scotland, where she must navigate gods, humans, traitors... and an irreversible choice between the ones she loves.

History tore them apart. Can they survive their future?

While consumed in a devastating battle with the demigod Llaw, Klara is mysteriously catapulted five hundred years into the past, suddenly alone and distraught that she and her fated love Callum killed the demigod at the expense of Callum’s own life.

As the last Pillar of Time, an anchor point in the timeline of the world, Klara must navigate dangerous magic, confusing visions, and powerful adversaries to determine the fate of the world and avenge the life of her love.

But with all the treacherous enemies — magical and human alike — chasing Klara in 1500s Scotland, she has no idea what, and whom, she actually left behind on the battlefield in 2022. In a battle across history and the present, life and death, Klara must fight to choose her own fate.