Fantastic Middle Grade Launch Bonanza

Fantastic Middle Grade Launch Bonanza

May 5th at 4PM ET
17th Street Location

Adventure, Magical Beings, and... Zombies?!

These thrilling middle grade tales are full of magic and mystery, and are sure to keep you guessing! 

Join us in-store for:

  • Winnie Zeng Shatters the Universe by KATIE ZHAO. Winnie is invited to participate in the international Shaman Youth Tournament, which means bye-bye to a relaxing, demon-free winter break! But when some of the tournament contestants start acting a little stranger — and a lot stronger — than normal, it’s clear that something’s up. Turns out that the most recent outbreak of evil demons was just the beginning, and this time it may take all of the shamans to put them away for good...

  • The Cats of Silver Crescent by KAELA NOEL. Sent away to spend a few weeks with her great-aunt, Elsby spends her time sketching in the lush garden. But when she sees a cat standing on its two hind legs and dressed like a sailor dash across the garden, Elsby can’t believe her eyes. The cat later returns, asking her her help in renewing the spell that enables this magic. Elsby might be the only one who can save them — but every enchantment comes at a price.

  • Zombie Season 2: Dead in the Water by JUSTIN WEINBERGERWith Redwood destroyed, the survivors are doing their best to adjust to their new reality. But a new threat is lurking in the shadows — an enemy that no one believed existed. One that was just waiting for the right moment to strike...

  • Shock the Monkey by NEAL SHUSTERMAN. When Noah's friend, Ogden, buys a star for Claire, the most popular girl in school, he doesn't expect it to be an actual real estate deal! So when the aliens come down to earth and abduct Claire to take her to the planet that she now owns, it's up to Noah, his friends, and his extraordinary animal powers to cross the cosmos and get her back!

Sunday, May 5th at 4PM ET at Our 17th St Store!

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