Winnie Zeng Shatters the Universe

Winnie Zeng


Author: Katie Zhao


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In the third book of this epic fantasy series, kids from around the world are summoned to compete at the magical Shaman Youth Tournament! But with all the young shamans away, who will defend the human realm from evil spirits?

"A hilarious tussle between homework, family, and heroism." —Kwame Mbalia, #1 New York Times bestselling author

If awards were handed out for multitasking, then Winnie Zeng would come in first place. Between evil spirits and middle school — boy, does she have her hands full. And ordinarily, winter break couldn't come soon enough, but this year marks the return of the Shaman Youth Tournament, where shamans from around the world battle for the title of champion!

When Winnie and her archnemesis, David, are invited to participate, they are quickly trained for their toughest battles yet. But when some of the tournament contestants start acting a little stranger — and a lot stronger — than normal, it’s clear that something’s up.

Soon, it becomes clear that the spirit breakouts in Winnie’s hometown were just the beginning of something larger than any one shaman can tackle. With evil spirits threatening to pour from the spirit realm into the human world, it’s up to all the shamans to take on this mission. It may be the last mission they ever undertake...