July 2nd, 1:00PM EST

Solve Riddles and Go on a Buddy Adventure!

This exhilarating panel is designed especially for our youngest readers that love graphic novels!

Pick up a signed book or two, and get ready for what might be our zaniest gathering of comic writers and artists. Here at Books of Wonder, home and elsewhere, we'll dive head-first into the schemes of kid-robots, kid-cats, and even a kid-worm! 

  • Blue, Barry, and Pancakes are best friends! But what happens when Blue leaves Barry and Pancakes to go on a solo quest? Find out as Blue, Barry, and Pancakes Enter the Underground Throwdown, by DAN ABDO.

  • With a little help from a magical portal, two brave cats search for potion ingredients that will produce unlimited goodies in Cats & Cat Adventures: The Quest for Snacks, by SUSIE YI. 

  • Fred the robot was built to be a best buddy! As the star of Your Pal Fred by MICHAEL REX, his relentless kindness never fades, even when he takes on two battle-hungry warlords!

  • One very special Saturday, Dad-Cat decides to take Waffles and his sister Pancake to the big city to go to the science museum in Waffles and Pancake: Flight or Fright by DREW BROCKINGTON, as the kittens learn about constellations and Neil Pawstrong, they get separated from Dad-Cat. Oh no!

Saturday, July 2nd at 1:00PM EST via Crowdcast!

For all Books of Wonder events, we expect all participants to maintain a family friendly atmosphere, inclusive of respect and fairness. Anyone who violates this standard of behavior, including engaging in any form of harassment, inappropriate language, or disruptive conduct, will, at our discretion, be immediately removed.