Celebrate Jewish Picture Books!

Celebrate Jewish Picture Books!

March 31st at 1PM ET

 Beautiful Stories Shared in Gorgeous Picture Books!

Join us online to discover some wonderful stories celebrating Jewish heritage and traditions!

Tune in to check out:

  • Beni's Tiny Tales by JANE BRESKIN ZALBENChronicling a full year of Jewish festivities, this one-of-a-kind treasury includes homespun family stories, origin notes, craft activities, songs, and recipes for each holiday. For parents who grew up reading Beni’s Family Treasury and Beni’s Family Cookbook, the family tradition lives on in this much anticipated addition to the series!

  • The Tree of Life by ELISA BOXER. During World War Two, in the concentration camp Terezin, a group of Jewish children and their devoted teacher planted and nurtured a smuggled-in sapling, and lovingly cared for it over time. When the war finally ended and the prisoners were freed, the sapling had grown into a strong five-foot-tall maple. Nearly eighty years later the tree’s 600 descendants around the world are thriving, and will be cared for for generations to come!

  • Two New Years by RICHARD HOFor this multicultural family, inspired by the author’s own, two New Years mean twice as much to celebrate! In the fall, Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, offers an opportunity to bake challah and dip apples in honey, and in the spring, Lunar New Year brings a chance to eat dumplings and release glowing lanterns that light up the sky. This moving picture book is a beautiful reminder that, at heart, our celebrations might not be so different after all!

  • Tyrannosaurus Tsuris: A Passover Story by SUSAN TARCOV. All the dinosaurs are getting ready for Passover, but no one will come to Tyrannosaurus Rex's seder because they think he will eat them! This gives him terrible tsuris, the Yiddish word for "worry." While the other dinosaurs have tsuris, too, they all agree that his tsuris is the worst, as the most important part of the seder is sharing it with guests, leading them to come up with an idea for a tsuris-free celebration!

Sunday, March 31st at 1PM ET via Crowdcast!

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