Tyrannosaurus Tsuris: A Passover Story


Author: Susan Tarcov


Illustrator: Elissambura

*Signed Bookplate*

Nobody will come to Tyrannosaurus Rex's Passover seder out of fear of being eaten, until the other dinosaurs come up with an idea.

All the dinosaurs are getting ready for Passover, but no one will come to Tyrannosaurus Rex's seder because they think he will eat them. This gives him terrible tsuris, the Yiddish word for "worry." "You think you have tsuris?" Stegosaurus asks. "I can't find parsley for my seder." "And I can't find a brisket big enough to feed all my cousins. That's what you call tsuris!" Allosaurus says. But when T-Rex wails, "I have no guests for my seder!" all the dinosaurs agree that his tsuris is the worst, as the most important part of the seder is sharing it with guests. And they come up with an idea for a tsuris-free celebration.