April Picture Book Launches!

April Picture Book Launches!

April 22nd at 1PM EST

Join Us for These Terrific Tales!

These incredible new picture books are perfect for sharing with your young readers again and again! From a bee that learns to love and accept herself, to a dad explaining why the dinosaurs are no longer with us, to an account of a harrowing yet hopeful journey out of Vietnam, to a sweet sibling story about making traditions of your own! 

Tune in for: 

  • Annabelle Bee and the Butterfly Tree by DEBRA RASO O'CONNOR.  
    Annabelle Bee wishes she could be a lovely butterfly like Benjamin. When one day she saves Benjamin from being caught in a net, the two quickly become best friends! But when her mother, the queen, says they need to move to a new hive, she doesn't know what to do! Will the two friends be able to find the perfect place? 

  • How Dinosaurs Went Extinct: A Safety Guide by AME DYCKMAN and illustrated by JENNIFER HARNEY. In this outrageous "safety guide," a child in a museum asks their parents how the dinosaurs all became extinct. Well, their father has some theories. Gallimimus? Ran with scissors. Ankylosaurus? Tipped in their chair. By the end of the story, the child vows to never do any of these "dangerous" things again. Those dinosaurs should have been more careful!

  • Last Flight by KRISTEN MAI GIANG and illustrated by DOW PHUMIRUK. On April 24, 1975 the last flight out of Saigon, Vietnam carried over 400 people to the United States, six days before Saigon’s surrender to the North Vietnamese Army. Kristen Giang was a little girl, on that flight with her family, and here in this story she shares all the emotions of the decision to flee from the perspective of someone eight years old.

  • Naming Ceremony by SEINA WEDLICK. Today’s the day! It’s Baby Sister’s naming ceremony, and big sister Amira could not be more excited. She has the perfect name picked out... or, at least, she hopes it’s the perfect name. Amira knows that Baby Sister will love the names brought by friends and family, but will she love the name Amira has chosen? Is it special enough?

Saturday, April 22 at 1PM EST via Crowdcast

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