Wonder City, Scalawagons, Lucky Bucky

The Wizard of Oz

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Author: John R Neill

Illustrator: John R Neill

Collect the classic John R. Neill set of the continuing journeys in the wonderful world OZ at special price!


Wonder City of Oz: 

Young Jenny Jump catches a leprechaun in her kitchen and is turned into half a fairy. With a magic eye, eight magic fingers, and a magic foot that will take her anywhere by stamping it, Jenny journeys to Oz! Before you know it, she's flying in the Ozoplane with Jack Pumpkinhead and Scraps, saving the Emerald City from Giant Chocolate Soldiers, and outfitting everyone in the Emerald City with her magic turnstyle.


The Scalawagons of Oz:

The Scalawagons of Oz is a riotous romp about the wonderful Wizard of Oz's latest invention - taxis that can drive all by themselves - on the ground and through the air!  Everything is going smoothly until Tik-Tok, who's in charge of the Scalawagons Factory, winds down.  The mysterious Bell Snickle comes along and snickles around with the Scalawagons by adding some flabergas... and then things get so mysterious (and funny) that it takes a whole book to sort everything out! First published in 1941, this was the second Oz book to be both written and illustrated by John R. Neill. Now celebrating its 80th anniversary!


Lucky Bucky in Oz:

Join Lucky Bucky for a valiant voyage from New York Harbor to the Emerald City. On the high seas of the Nonestic Ocean, Lucky Bucky is joined by a strange and wondrous creature, the Wooden Whale. This is no casual cruise -- dangers lurk in the oceans and discouragements wait in the shallows of rivers. But our hero has enough courage and self-reliance -- and, of course, luck -- to triumph in the end!