The Wizard of Oz Tornado Twister in a Bottle


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[WORLD OF OZ]. The Wizard of Oz Tornado Twister in a Bottle. An Oz-branded “Tornado Twister in a Bottle” created by The Resort, Inc. and sold at The House of Twisters in El Reno, OK. The bottle contains see-through stickers attached to the sides that are printed with Oz-related scenes, as well as a Wizard of Oz sticker on the top, and the toy store’s instruction sticker on the bottom. The bottle is filled with a liquid and glitter that, when spun, make it appear as if there is a twister contained in the bottle. The company which created this tornado twister is no longer in business and the toy store that sold the piece is also out of business, so this may be one of very few examples of this Tornado Twister in a bottle that may exist.