Typed Letter Signed from Janet Laura Scott to Ruth Plumly Thompson

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Author: Janet Laura Scott


[THOMPSON, Ruth Plumly]. Typed Letter Signed from Janet Laura Scott to Ruth Plumly Thompson. Single sheet of P.F. Volland stationary. Dated “September 18, 1924.” Folded in thirds, lightly aged, chip at upper left corner, some soiling and a couple of small ink-stains, and the “ghost” of a signature under the artist’s, where another letter had been laid below it (apparently in the author’s files). Signed by the illustrator of Princess of Cosytown, Janet Laura Scott.

A typed letter, signed from the illustrator of The Princess of Cozytown, to the author, thanking Thompson for her kind words with regards to Scott’s illustrations for the book they had collaborated on. Ruth Plumly Thompson had apparently asked Janet Scott to send along illlustrations, which are mentioned here as Scott was enclosing another piece of artwork for the author in lieu of the pieces Thompson had asked for, which were unavailable. Scott goes on further to express her pleasure at working on The Princess of Cozytown as well as an interest in working together on any projects the author might have later. Scott also explains that she has severed her working relationship with the publisher Volland (which is ironic, as this letter is typed on the Volland Company letterhead), and as such will be pursuing illustration work through other publishers. A lovely piece of Ruth Plumly Thompson history showing her correspondence with the illustrator of one of her early books and, as such, an important association item.