The Squad: A Graphic Novel (Paperback)


The Squad: A Graphic Novel (Paperback) will be available soon.
Estimated Ship Date is November 12, 2024

Author: Christina Soontornvat

Illustrator: Joanna Cacao

Estimated Ship Date: November 12, 2024

It’s eighth grade and Christina and her besties, Megan and Leanne, are once again going through the brutal trials of cheerleading tryouts. This year, Christina feels more confident: She dresses in her own style and has amazing friends, even her first crush. But what if the girls don't all make the squad? Worse than that, Christina learns her parents' marriage is collapsing. Suddenly, her family, her future, and her identity seem in total freefall. Can Christina keep it together and still make her cheerleading dreams come true?

This high-flying, heart-filled story will make you laugh harder, cry more, and cheer louder than ever!